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The Globe and Mail, April 16 2016

Globe Style April 16 2016


Hello! Canada, March 7 2016

Hello Canada Race to the Red Carpet 1Hello Canada Race to the Red Carpet 2Hello Canada Race to the Red Carpet 3Hello Canada Race to the Red Carpet 4Hello Canada Race to the Red Carpet 5

Best Health, January/February 2016


Nail Index by Sally Hansen, Volumes 8 – 43

Sally Hansen Nail Index World CupSally Hansen Nail Index HalloweenSally Hansen Madeline Poole HolidaySally Hansen Nail Index Volume 14Sally Hansen Nail Index Valentines VOl 15Sally Hansen Nail Index Spring Vol 17Sally Hansen Nail Index Vol 20Sally Hansen Nail Index Color TherapySally Hansen Nail Index How To Vol 18Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colour RunSally Hansen Nail Index Halloween Vol 23Sally Hansen Nail Index Holiday Vol 24Sally Hansen Nail Index How To Holiday Vol 24Nail Index Miracle Gel Valentines DaySally Hansen Nail Index Summer Vol 35Sally Hansen Nail Index Black to BasicsNail Index How To Black to BasicsNail Index Miracle Gel HolidaySally Hansen Nail Index BeautifiersSally Hansen Nail Index Holiday Vol 38Sally Hansen Nail Index Paris Morocco


Best Health, October 2015

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Best Health, September 2015

Best Health BEAUTY FILES_September-page-001 Best Health BEAUTY FILES_September-page-002 Best Health BEAUTY FILES_September-page-003SEPT 15 Best Health PharmacyFanGirl-page-001 SEPT 15 Best Health PharmacyFanGirl-page-002 SEPT 15 Best Health PharmacyFanGirl-page-003

Hello! Canada, May 28 2015

Hello! Canada May 28 - 1

Hello! Canada May 28 - 2

Hello Canada May 28 - 3

Best Health, May 2015

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Best Health, March/April 2015

Best Health March_Need_Want_Love-page-001Best Health March_Need_Want_Love-page-002Best Health March_Need_Want_Love-page-003 March_BeautyInsider-page-001

Best Health, January/February 2015

Best Health January February 2014 - 1Best Health January February 2014 - 2