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FASHION, April 2022


Best Health, September 2016

Sept Beauty Files 1Sept Beauty Files 2Sept Beauty Files 3Sept Beauty Files 4Sept Best Health_Foundations 1Sept Best Health_Foundations 2Sept Best Health_Foundations 3

Best Health, May 2016

Best Health UPfront Beauty May 2016BH Upfront May 2BH May Upfront 3BH Upfront Beauty May 4

Best Health Colour My WorldColourMyWorld-2ColourMyWorld-3ColourMyWorld-4


The Globe and Mail, April 16 2016

Globe Style April 16 2016

Hello! Canada, April 11 2016

Hello Canada April 11 2016Hello Canada April 11 2016 -2Hello Canada April 11 2016 -3

Best Health, January/February 2016



Hello Canada, September 21 2015

HelloCanada_September 21 2015

Best Health, September 2015

Best Health BEAUTY FILES_September-page-001 Best Health BEAUTY FILES_September-page-002 Best Health BEAUTY FILES_September-page-003SEPT 15 Best Health PharmacyFanGirl-page-001 SEPT 15 Best Health PharmacyFanGirl-page-002 SEPT 15 Best Health PharmacyFanGirl-page-003

Best Health, Summer 2015

Best Health_SUMMER_NEED_WANT_LOVE-page-001

Best Health_SUMMER_NEED_WANT_LOVE-page-002 Best Health_SUMMER_NEED_WANT_LOVE-page-003

Best Health_SummerSkin-page-001 Best Health_SummerSkin-page-002 Best Health_SummerSkin-page-003 Best Health_SummerSkin-page-004 Best Health_SummerSkin-page-005

Best Health, May 2015

May_Need_Want_Love-page-001 May_Need_Want_Love-page-002 May_Need_Want_Love-page-003AprilMay_NailFeature-page-001 AprilMay_NailFeature-page-002 AprilMay_NailFeature-page-003 AprilMay_NailFeature-page-004 AprilMay_NailFeature-page-005 AprilMay_NailFeature-page-006